Ofsted Inspection

In June 2014 we had our first Ofsted inspection.  The Children's Centre is inspected separately to the school.  The criteria for Children's Centres is the same for all Centres regardless of whether it is a full time Centre with a large staff team or a part time Centre with a small staff team.

We would like to thank all our families and partners for their support not just during the inspection but over the 6 years we have been open.  We could not do it without you and the support of our partners and families.

We are looking to the future and will be making changes as part of our 'Focused Improvement Plan' with the aim of achieving 'Good' at our next inspection.

Ofsted said,

"We have very good links and our partnerships are strong"

"Staff work hard to provide a warm welcome for all and good support for families"

"A common opinion voiced by parents is 'This is a fantastic place!'"

In our reach area we have 839 children under 5 years.  The postcodes in our reach area can be found in the 'Addresses and Postcodes' document below.