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My name is Corinne Fernandes and I am the Chair of the Hamsey Green Primary School governing body.

Role of the Governing Body

I would like to tell you a little bit about the role of the Governing Body and how it discharges its duties of taking a strategic role in the operation of the school, being a ‘critical friend’ to the school, and holding the school to account for the achievement of its pupils.

The Governing Body is made up of people from all walks of life and we are grateful for the skills and expertise they bring to the task of being a ‘Critical Friend’ to the school. Governors work with the school to formulate strategic plans and policies for the short, medium and long term future of the school.  It is our task to monitor the implementation of these plans and policies to ensure that the whole school community is safe, healthy, happy and reaching their full potential. We are currently made up of

  • Headteacher
  • 2 Parent Governors
  • 6 Community Governors

Each term, as well as visiting the school individually, the governors come into school as a group to focus on a particular area of the School Improvement Plan. Previous focused visits have included the implementation of the new behaviour code throughout the school, the delivery of the maths curriculum and the impact of Pupil Premium initiatives.

During these visits the Governors see all year groups to monitor the visit focus. They speak to members of staff and children. The children are asked about the extent that they are involved in their own learning, knowing their targets and asking questions if they are not sure.

Governors are very involved in monitoring some of the ways in which pupil premium money is being spent to deliver better outcomes for our more disadvantaged children. Governors observe initiatives in operation and speak to children and staff about their involvement including how the impact of these initiatives are measured.

Our Current Governing Body


  Date of Appointment Term of Office Body who Appointed Business/ Pecuniary Interests Areas of Responsibility
Miss Annette Elstob 28.09.17 4 years N/A Headteacher  

Community Governors

  Date of Appointment Term of Office Body who Appointed Business/ Pecuniary Interests Areas of Responsibility
Mrs Corinne Fernandes 01.12.14 4 years Governing First Aid Training Business

Chair of Governors

Child Protection

Data Management & Pupil Performance

Mr Kevin Connery 01.12.14 4 years Governing  

Disadvantaged Pupils

Link for Training

Mr Jeremy Dearden 01.12.14 4 years Governing  

Interim co-Vice Chair of Governors

Health & Safety

Sports Premium

Mrs Pamela Dearden 28.09.17 4 years Governing  


SEN & Looked After Children

Ms Oni Oviri 28.09.17 4 years Governing   Risk Management & Financial Compliance
Ms Amelia Wright 28.09.17 4 years Governing  

Interim co-Vice Chair of Governors

Performance Management

Parent Governors

  Date of Appointment Term of Office Body who Appointed Business/ Pecuniary Interests Areas of Responsibility
Mr Chris Duffee 13.11.15 4 years Parents   IT & E Safety


  Date of Appointment Term of Office Body who Appointed Business/ Pecuniary Interests Areas of Responsibility
Mrs Julie Daws 01.12.14 4 years N/A School Business Manager  
Mrs Nikki Mace 28.09.17 4 years N/A Deputy Head Teacher  

Governor Attendance


  Governing Body Meetings
Miss Annette Elstob 5/5

Community Governors

  Governing Body Meetings
Mrs Corinne Fernandes 5/5
Mr Kevin Connery 4/5
Mr Jeremy Dearden 5/5
Mrs Pamela Dearden 5/5
Ms Oni Oviri 3/5
Ms Amelia Wright 5/5

Parent Governors

  Governing Body Meetings
Mr Chris Duffee 4/5


  Governing Body Meetings
Mrs Julie Daws 4/5
Mrs Nikki Mace 5/5

Your Governing Body delegates a lot of its work to committees, each made up of a mixture of different categories of governors. In November 2013 the governing body agreed that the number of committees should be reduced from three to two and that the responsibilities of the Whole School Wellbeing committee be incorporated into Resources and Curriculum and Standards as appropriate.

The Resources Committee looks at the strategic financial planning for the school and discusses issues relating to staffing, premises and budgets. At this meeting in September governors discussed amongst other things - budget monitoring, the recent installation of three new interactive whiteboards and the very successful Summer Club held at the Upper School in the summer holidays.

The Curriculum and Standards Committee chaired by Mr Prothero, has the responsibility for all matters relating to the curriculum and its delivery within the school. This includes the responsibility for the social, pastoral and emotional aspects of Health and Safety of the pupils, staff and visitors, including incidents of bullying and ensuring compliance with the Equality Policy.

Meetings For This Academic Year (2017/18)

Governing Body



Autumn term 2017

3rd October

4th December


Spring term 2018

6th February


3rd April


Summer term 2018

22nd May


16th July (to be confirmed)

You can contact the governing body through the Clerk to Governors, Mrs L Swingler, on the school’s telephone number or by email at