Eating Well

Why Eating Healthily Is So Important For Your Baby's Development

It is always a good idea to eat healthily.  Now you are pregnant, it matters more than ever.  To develp fully, your baby's brain and organs need nutrients every single day.  That means choosing healthy foods over fatty, sugary ones.  There are some foods that you need to avoid completely, like raw or partially cooked eggs, some fish and certain meats.  For the facts on eating carefully when you are pregnant, go to and search for "foods to avoid in pregnancy".

You are bound to put on some weight while you are  pregnant due to your baby growing.  Putting on too much weight, however, can affect your health and increase your blood pressure.  You shouldn't try and diet; just eat healthily and try to stay active.

Being a healthy weight means that it is easier for you to move around in labour and reduces the chance of needing more medical help.

Top Tip

Feeling extra peckish?  A snack is fine, just steer clear of crisps, sweets and chocolates, which are high in fat and sugar.  Try some fruit, a calcium packed low fat yoghurt or even beans on toast next time you need a snack fix.  You will feel fuller for longer and less tempted to reach for junk food.

Myth Buster

"Should I eat for Two?"

In the past, mums were told to eat for themselves AND their babies.  Now we know that's not true.  In fact, it's only in the last three months of your pregancy that you need to eat a little bit more; but we're only talking an extra 200 calories a day.  That's the same as two slices of wholegrain toast and low fat spread.