Dads' Information


British dads are just getting better and better.  In the last 30 years, the amount of quality time they spend with their kids has increased by 8 times.  In fact, fathers are now reported to provide up to one third of the care given to under 5s.

Do dads need to know about breastfeeding?

YES!  You can make a massive difference.  The more support and encouragement you give, the more confident your partner will feel, and the longer she will breasfeed for.  The facts speak for themselves.  It is proven that mothers are more likely to start and continue breastfeeding when dads actively participate in the decision, understand the benefits, and apply a positive attitude.

Having a baby is the tiring bit, not the breastfeeding!  A new mother has just been through one of the the most exhausiting, stressful but exciting experiences of her life.  It's no wonder she need time to rest and recuperate!

Guide for new dads:

A Dad's guide to Breastfeeding (men need to know about it too!) Brighton and Hove

Fathers and Breastfeeding: NCT, 2010 - NTC Information Sheet

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