About Our School

'Together we learn for life'

Hamsey Green Primary School is proud to be part of the Tandridge Learning Trust - more information can be found at https://tandridgelearningtrust.wordpress.com/

Tandridge Learning Trust accounts/reports  and information about trustees can be accessed here.  For the TLT/Governance structure please click here.



To provide a happy, secure, welcoming and stimulating environment where every child is equally valued.

To work as a team to plan a challenging, broad-based and well-structured education, encompassing all curriculum aspects of the Early Years, Key Stages One and Two.

To value and encourage the support of parents and carers, thereby creating a positive partnership between school and home, enabling children to give of their best.

To develop an exciting and motivating approach to learning that encourages the development of personal responsibility which enables every child to succeed.

To develop and foster children’s moral and social values, alongside a sense of self-worth.

To promote and encourage healthy lifestyles for all members of our school community.

To ensure that staff and governors keep abreast of educational developments and continue to implement new initiatives that will enhance the education of our children.

To support and celebrate the professional development and achievements of staff and governors


Our School Values

Our School Values ACORN were designed by the pupils.  







We have two rules:   'Kind words and kind actions'